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Isolating an image from an unwanted background is the main task of image background removal. Background removal service is so much important to photographer, online seller and eCommerce business owner. Many online marketplaces, like Amazon, Ali Express, and eBay recommend product photos on a white background. Pix clipping path is here to help all photographer and business owner. We will Cut out image from unnecessary background and replace it to a white background using Photoshop with accuracy and quality.

85% of shoppers say that color is primary reason of consumers for buying a product and 38% consumers want to see white background. 66% consumers won’t buy product unless it comes in their preferred color. that’s why you should change your product background to white. Background removal service is usually done by Photoshop using pen tool and masking.

Background Removal-rawBackground Removal
Image MaskingImage Masking
Background RemoveBackgound Remove


Background Removal job can be either simple or complex. It is depend on size and complexity of the images. Not all background removal job are same. Currently, we are providing the following background removal services to our Clients:

Basic or Simple Background Removal

Basic or simple background removal is the easiest task than all other background removal categories. You can remove objects with few curved edges using pen tool of Photoshop. This type of products are Egg, Ring, Book, Smartphone, Plate, Ball, Glass, Box, Cup etc. We provide this type of background removal service with cheapest rates.

Medium Background Removal

Medium background removal is the tougher task than Basic or Simple background removal. It could be a group product of Shoes, Watch, Motor Parts, Technology etc. We’re providing this type of background removal service in a very affordable price.

Complex Background Removal

Complex background removal is harder than medium background removal. A neckless or model can be the perfect example of complex background removal. A high range of anchor points is needed in complex background removal. This type of background removal service costs more than medium background removal service. However, we are providing this type of background removal service in a reasonable price

Multiple Background Removal

Multiple background removal are advance level of basic background removal service. It can be a complicated product that needs color changes or color correction in a separate areas. Basically, this type of background removal service is required in fashion design, GIF animation and web template. And the cost of such services depends on the product complexity, but as usual we’re offering it in an affordable price.

Super Complex Background Removal

Super complex background removal is the highest level of complex background removal. Actually, it’s a big product having a large number of holes that need many anchor points and paths to be corrected. A bicycle or the largest bridal wedding jewelry is the example of super complex background removal service


Quality Guaranteed

Top quality and clients satisfaction is guaranteed. We have a team 115+ Senior Graphic Designers. They are ready to provide you with high quality image editing service. They have years of experience to ensure top quality service of clipping path.

On Time Delivery

We all well-aware of the value of time. Good communication and timely delivery are important parts of eCommerce business. Therefore, on time delivery is our habit. And meeting the deadline is very much important to us. We are delivering every single order on time since 2009.

Affordable Price

We believe that price and quality are interlinked. Yet, while we offer services in a Not-so-overwhelming budget, We never compromise with quality. No matter how little or large number of photos you want to be edited, you can always set the deal within your budget.


Through Free Trail, Customer can evaluate the service provider’s ability for a specific service. So, we’re also giving you the opportunity to test our service quality without spending a buck! Needless to say, you’re going to get top-class result of your images within two hours. So, Why are you waiting for ?

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Background removal service is necessary mostly for people who own an online store or eCommerce business. Consumers want to see products in white background. Many photographer and E-commerce companies want to cut out image from unnecessary background. Pix Clipping Path company is here to help them with top quality service. We have high skilled senior graphic designers and we happily offer affordable price range for our valuable clients.

Here’s the list of names who need background removal service:

  • Photographer
  • Retailer
  • Store owner
  • Business owner
  • Online clothing stores
  • Online Product stores
  • Ad agencies
  • Photo studio houses
  • E-commerce product photography
Clipping PathClipping Path
Prodcut Photo-RawProduct Photo
Background RemoveBackgound Remove


The internet world is going too fast, and for entrepreneurs, especially e-commerce owners, life without outsourcing has become nearly impossible. However, finding a reliable deal within your budget is not easy amidst the sea of graphics designing institutions out there. That being said, Pix Clipping Path has emerged to be the dependable partner for your every image editing need.

Pix Clipping Path consists of 150+ Senior Graphic Designer along with 10 controllers to handle projects around the world. We perform excellent image editing while beating the clock at the same time.

Our work sphere covers all types of Photoshop services including Clipping Path, Background Removal, Shadow Effect, Image Masking, Image Retouching, Ghost Mannequin and what not! And in every field, we keep on working until we touch the perfection.

In terms of pricing, you’ll find no other company serving this much affordably, juxtaposed with high quality hand drawn image editing projects (clipping path and all). Handing over your personal or clients’ projects to us means getting the best outcome with optimum accuracy.

Tight deadline or a huge amount of images in a short time – all these awe striking ideas sound effortless when you collaborate with Pix Clipping Path. Because we believe that our knowledge is your asset. So, let’s use our expertise to make your online business successful.