Confused between Clipping path and image masking? Well, they bear the same purpose. Just the processing is different.

Technically speaking, both clipping path and image masking are used to edit images. You use them to separate the subject from the background.

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  • What is Clipping Path?
  • When to use Clipping path?
  • What is image masking?
  • When to use image masking?
  • Clipping Path vs. Image Masking

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is one of the techniques used in Photoshop. Practically, it’s accompanied with the Pen Tool. the editor then takes out the background from the selected image.


When to use Clipping path?

If the subject you want to detach has sharp, smooth edges, then you have to use the clipping path on that image. 

However, failure to do the clipping path correctly emerges as an unnatural or fake look. So, the safest side is to zoom in 200% into the image and get the edges done as subtly as possible. 

Clipping path demands a lot of concentration. Because you’ll be responsible for its final outcome. Also, its success and failure may directly affect your brand value. So, invest time in Photoshop, and make sure ultimately you’re gonna maintain your sales ratio evenly. 😉

At present, the eCommerce industry has become very competitive, and unless you have a unique set of product photos in your site, you can’t beat the world.

What is image masking?

As we said earlier, image masking also comes handy in background removal of an image. However, it requires using several tools of Photoshop. Magic Eraser Tool, Background Eraser Tool, color separation technique – to name a few!


When to use image masking?

Images with minute details and numerous fine lines should be the primary target to apply the image masking technique. The reason is simple. While removing the background from a furry thing like soft toys, knitted garments etc. in ecommerce business, image masking is the worth option.

Image masking does have certain variations in their tactics. Not to mention, in exceptional cases, you may need to use different types of them together. For instance, complex images, having various colors in the background (and for the worst case, contain shadow), require several image masking techniques to be applied step by step.


Clipping Path vs. Image Masking

Usually, it is the way of doing (aka the technique) that differs clipping path from image masking. While both do background removal tasks, the later one is ideal to handle images replete with complexity. Some claim to do the background removing projects containing complex images with clipping path. But frankly speaking, the outcome is undoubtedly a deal breaker. Therefore, when you don’t want such surprises of artificial look, do edit the complex images with image masking for a more engaging and intrinsic look.