There is no difference between the clipping path and deep etching (deep etching is the other name of the clipping path).  Basically, Clipping Path is an image background removal service that is done by using Photoshop pen tool. A clipping path or deep etching is a closed vector path or shape to cut out image from unnecessary background, which is done by using Photoshop pen tool. Clipping path or deep etching is the most popular and straight forward image cut out technique. Many graphic designers and photographers have pretty knowledge about the clipping path and deep etching.

Image: Clipping path + Cut out product+ Replace in a white background

Clipping path service categories

Clipping path jobs can be a Simple or complex path. It depends on the size and complexity of image. Not all clipping path or deep etching job is the same.

Basic or Simple Clipping Path

Basic or simple clipping path service is so much easy task than other clipping path service.  You can remove objects with few curved edges using pen tool of Photoshop. This type of product is egg, ring, book, smartphone, plate, ball, class, box, cup, etc.

Medium Clipping Path

A medium clipping path is a tougher task than a Basic or Simple clipping path. it could be A group product of Shoes, watch, motor parts, technology, etc. This type of clipping path service charge’s more than basic clipping path service.

Complex Clipping Path

A complex clipping path is harder task than a medium clipping path. A neckless or model could be an example of a complex clipping path service. A high range of anchor points is needed in a complex clipping path. This type of clipping path service charge’s more than medium clipping path service.

Multiple Clipping Paths

Multiple clipping paths are an advance level of basic clipping path service. It could be a complicated product that needed color changes or color correction in a separate area. Basically, this type of clipping path service needed on fashion design, GIF animation, and web template. This type of clipping path service cost depends on product complexity.

Super Complex Clipping Path

The super complex clipping path is the highest complex clipping path level. Which is a big product with a large number of holes and needs many anchor points and paths. A Bicycle or largest bridal wedding jewelry could be an example of a super complex clipping path.

Who needs Clipping path service?

Clipping path service is necessary for most people who have an online store or eCommerce business. The consumer wants to see a product in white background. Many photographers and eCommerce companies want to cut out image from unnecessary background.

Here are some names of who need clipping path service:

  • Photographer
  • Retailer
  • Store owner
  • Business owner
  • Online clothing stores
  • Online Product stores
  • Ads agencies
  • Photo studio houses
  • Clipping path service needs to all type of online business

Which Company best for Clipping Path Service?

The internet world is going too fast, and for entrepreneurs, especially e-commerce owners, life without outsourcing has become nearly impossible. However, finding a reliable deal within your budget is not easy amidst the sea of graphics designing institutions out there. That being said, Pix Clipping Path has emerged to be the dependable partner for your every image editing need.

Pix Clipping Path consists of 150+ Senior Graphic Designer along with 10 controllers to handle projects around the world.