Jewelry retouching can be the breakthrough solution in this overcrowded market. According to individual jewelers,
photographing jewelry is one of the toughest jobs and involves bunches of tricks to meet perfection.

The jewelry materials are shiny things and reflect overtly. Therefore, if anyone fails to appropriately capture the complex designs
of these pieces, the ultimate result may not be satisfactory. The color of the gemstones will emerge to be something dull.
That being said, the added lighting and proper size selection are important to bring a professional touch to the ornament images. 

Sometimes, setting up the lighting with accuracy can be much more complicated than you think. Even a wide collection of updated
camera accessories fail to materialize your target strategy unless the basics of commercial-grade jewelry photography are not maintained.

Skip the errors. Processing the images of your products is not an option. You must go for in-depth editing if you’re looking to stand out
from the crowd in this e-commerce business. And it’s only when you’ll be able to draw your online customers’ attention. So, finding the
best address to get your photos edited is the next step to proceed with your marketing procedure. Things like resizing or cropping the
images, adjusting lights, contrast or shadow, removing some reflection, background or imperfection take a lot of time if your Photoshop
skill is not up to the mark.

List of jewelry types

  • Hair and Head Ornaments: Diadem, tiara, Earrings, Fascinator, Hairpin, Hatpin
  • Neck: Necklace, Locket, Bolo tie, Carcanet, Choker, Pendant, Torc, Pendant
  • Arms: Bracelet, Armlet, Bangle, Cuff Links
  • Hands: Ring, Championship ring, Class ring, Engagement ring, Promise ring, pre-engagement ring, Wedding ring, Puzzle ring, Thumb ring, Slave bracelet
  • Body: Belly chain, Body piercing jewelry, breastplate, Brooch, Chatelaine
  • Feet: Ankle Bracelets, Toering
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Which Company best for Jewelry Retouching Service?

Pix Clipping Path knows how to craft product images that will not only wow your customers but also increase the professional appearance
of your online store. Our senior designers have lots of experience in jewelry tasks. Their proficiency can make a perfect output of your
ornaments’ image. In fact, they find complex images more interesting to deal with and playing with complicated photos until they become
showcase ready is their second nature. Pix Clipping Path consists of 150+ Senior Graphic Designer along with 10 controllers to handle projects
around the world. So, greet perfection in photoshop with Pix Clipping Path!

Why should I deal with Pix Clipping Path Company for my jewelry retouching task?

Pix Clipping Path company offers reliable pricing and Quality Guaranteed which confirms Its relevance and the right choice of doing business.
Our Jewelry retouching services include:

  • We do Pro color correction of jewelry image which is the most important thing in jewelry retouching service.
  • All photoshop commands should be made naturally without over retouched and every retouching layer should be separate.
  • Removing Dust and unnecessary spots from the image and clean background.
  • Improving shadows and adjusting contrast.
  • Making additional natural shining to the image for a stunning look.
  • Carefully Retouching every part of the stone
  • The final output will be awesome and attractive which will help you to increase more sales!

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